One-storey Bungalow living is an excellent foward-thinking option for many in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) because it offers a wonderful alternative to stair-climbing 2-storey or multi-level homes, ease of movement for Older Adults and those with physical disabilities and a usually has a larger footprint.

Bungalows can be readily aparent in sparsely-populated areas, but in Toronto and more populous cities, the hunt for a bungalow can be daunting. With more home builders providing condo townhomes, instead of freehold homes to capitalize on costs, Bungalows can be an elusive find.

Bungalows can span the range of:
- Traditional bungalows: one-storey dwellings with regular-height ceilings and basement height
- Raised bungalows: one-storey dwellings, usually with a larger stairway up to the main level with regular-height ceilings and a raised basement height
- Bungalofts: these dwellings have a raised loft-like main roof and many times have a main-floor laundry and additional rooms in the loft space.

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