Without hesitation, we would refer our friends and family to Tina...

We were first time home sellers and quite nervous about the process. Tina showed us how to market, stage and show the property to its full potential and as a result we sold our house fast and for a price we were very pleased with. Tina had a lot of good ideas and advice on how to make our home look its best, had a comprehensive marketing plan and was always available for questions.

I should also mention that Tina helped us purchase our dream home and gave us both valuable info and tips for purchasing that we were not aware of. Without hesitation, we would refer our friends and family to Tina for her great service, personable and helpful nature and commitment to her clients.

Craig & Germaynne G.

We are enjoying our house very much, thanks to you for finding it for us.  Please feel free to come over anytime!
Sattie R.

Believe what you want - there certainly was divine intervention...

Wow! What a roller coaster ride it was buying a new home and selling our previous house.

We had lived in our house for 14 odd years when we decided it was time to move on and I had made up my mind to have some "real experienced" realtor handle the sale of our current house. Yes Tina Mcquaid had lived right opposite us all this time and I thought the neighbourly thing to do was give her some real estate business but I wasnt planning to hand it all to her on a platter of gold. She would handle the "easier" purchase transaction and someone else (a home sale guru) would handle the "tougher" sale - at least that is what I thought at the time. But my wife thought (rightly so) that we might get a discount if we got one realtor to handle both transations, And Tina did in fact at the onset, offer us a rebate to handle both transactions which at the time I neither accepted nor declined. I wasnt going to commit to that right away.

The purchase happened quick. Tina patiently showed us a good few houses in a space of 3 weeks and ultimately we found and bought our beautiful new home by mid august. Tina at this point re-offered to sell our current home with the rebate on the purchase/sale commissions if we agreed to let her handle the sale as well - we accepted. The house we purchased had a 3-month closing period - more than long enough to allow complete renovations and selling our home - or so I thought. Well due to back to back contractor delays, the renovation took a whole 9 weeks (5 weeks more than planned) and cost a lot more than imagined. But when it was done we had a new house which should be much sought after even by wary buyers :). Heck it now looked so good inside we all didnt want to leave anymore.

Tina rolled up her sleeves and got to work helping to get the house fully ready,  implementing some staging ideas, clearing the weeds in the garden out front and setting up the backyard with plants and backyard furniture to make it all look a whole lot nicer. Fully staged it looked amazing and we were all proud of how it looked online.  Thus began the 5 week race to sell the house. We went through 6 offers in all. The first lasted a whole 3 hours - the buyer made multiple offers and another seller accepted before we had time to fully consider. The 2nd offer a few days later went the whole 9 yards and after the inspection had been done we were told the buyer was backing out because the house did not have central air!. Through out this process Tina made every effort to show the house (with an open house scheduled every weekend) and was personable and compassionate when delivering not so good news. Anyhow long and short is after a few more offers the final offer had one last waiver 3 days to the closing of the house we purchased. Tina had to perform the unenviable task of letting us know that the buyer was deciding (not again!) not to proceed due to lack of approved financing. At this point it seemed our fate had been sealed and we were going to default on the house we purchased closing in 3 days. But she also referred the buyer to a mortgage lender she works with to get a second opinion...

Enter Hercules the Mortgage Lender who undertook the (whatdayathink) herculean task of rescuing us from all but certain defaulting on the house we sold!. In 3 hours he had reviewed the buyers' financial position and determined that they in fact did qualify for the mortgage financing they required and it was indeed an oversight on the part of the original lender not to see that. So we got the waiver instead of yet another mutual release which is what I was expecting to receive. Whew what a relief. Boy am I glad Tina handled the sale of the house. I would gladly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their house.

Believe what you want - there certainly was divine intervention and we prayed hard for it to all work out while things were going south fast.

Ovuai & Yemisi A.